Monday, May 5, 2008

A French Review of Freedomnomics

The website Copeau Reloaded has this review here (I hope that the translation isn't too bad):

That's how in 2007 John Lott published Freedomnomics, which is meant not to be an answer little by little in Levitt, but to be a series of examples which, by drawing inspiration from the same method of presentation as Freakonomics, defends and illustrates the intrinsic superiority of free market [15]. Here are someone of his examples:

He explains that the increase in prices linked to the passage of the hurricane Katrina allowed to restrict losses linked to this one, and that the price controls by the government have contrario, as it was case for similar facts in the seventies, would have returned more hard life to the victims of the hurricane.

Other example, it supports that it is necessary that the Americans pay their medicaments a lot, not only to guarantee the dynamics of the innovation of laboratories, principally American, but also make it be of benefit the rest of the planet.

On the other hand, it shows that reputation is more important in economy than penalties caused by law or disadvantageous judgement [16].

Last example given by Lott, the abortion and the positive discrimination played in the police, augmented crimes and offences; he asserts more than the death penalty, the application of law and troubles, and right given to the citizens to hit weapon favours the fall of crime considerably. Always according to him, the age, the breed and the control of weapon would have little effects on the rate of crime.