Friday, May 31, 2013

New piece at Fox News: "Gun control just got even more difficult"

My newest piece starts this way:
Gun control, an already difficult task, just got even more difficult. 
The 3D printing revolution is well under way. This wonderful new technology will allow small companies and even individuals to manufacture a wide range of items, such as medical devices that fit each individual’s unique size and shape. 
However, it is increasingly obvious that guns and gun parts can be made, even including entire assault weapons. 
Unfortunately, the initial regulatory proposals will likely increase crime. As usual, new technology is hard to stop, and the Department of Homeland Security last week declared: "Limiting access [to 3D-printing to make guns] may be impossible." 
Until now the stumbling block has been to design a gun that would be sturdy enough, something that can withstand the explosion when a bullet is shot down the barrel. In other words, you don’t want the gun to go off like a grenade in your hands instead of hitting the target. . . .